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  • I wanted to say my new hearing aids are wonderful!  Not only are things crisper, I am no longer missing parts of conversations.  The Smartphone App works great, and allows me to easily adjust my aids to the current surroundings.  The Mini Mic is great for larger group meetings at the office as well as restaurants.  My wife says we can eat out more now ... Thank you for a perfect fit, and programming.
  • Knowing how difficult my dad can be getting a straight answer out of, I knew that Dr. McQueeney would be an ideal audiologist for him. Her patience and caring heart has guided my dad through his hearing needs. 5 stars for Greenleaf Hearing Healthcare.
    Walt B.
  • I knew my dad would be in patient, honest, compassionate and caring hands when I took him to Dr. McQueeney at Greenleaf Hearing. Thank you so much!
    Joanna B.
  • I have been going to Greenleaf Hearing and been a patient of Dr. Chris McQueeney for over 10 years. She is very professional but also gets to know her patients on a personal level. I would highly recommend her for any hearing needs that you have.
    Shane L.
  • In October 2008, I visited Dr. Christina McQueeney. She tested my hearing and we realized that I needed a pair of hearing aids. Included with the follow up care is counseling and how to communicate effectively once the hearing aids are fit. She has been a great encourager and help with enjoying going to church, hearing our grandchildren, and watching my favorite T.V. programs. Thank you Dr. McQueeney for being so caring and giving.
    Betty W.
  • I would highly recommend Greenleaf Hearing Healthcare in Greenfield, In. Dr. Chris McQueeney was very professional in performing my initial hearing evaluation and prescribing a hearing device that would work for me. She then conducted subsequent fittings and adjustments until my hearing was optimal. She provides excellent service in a kind, courteous and patient manner.
    Ray P.
  • I am writing this to express my gratitude for the great service and personal touch you extend to all your customers, it is a very rare thing in this world today! I am grateful for the great hearing aids you sold me but most of all the service you have extended to me. You are a very knowledgeable and good person. I will and have recommended you in the past and will do so in the future. You and your business are an asset to the Greenfield area.
    Joe C.
  • I have been with Greenleaf Hearing Healthcare for many years. Dr. McQueeney is very passionate about her work, She has always bent over backwards to make sure my needs are met with hearing. She is wonderfully compassionate and caring. She will listen to you. With Greenleaf, I started as a single mother and Greenleaf worked with me to help me achieve a life change for the better. The quality of care, personalization, customer service and wide variety of selection with quality for your needs cannot be beat in my opinion. I am always grateful.
    Gloria W.
  • Dr. Chris McQueeney has been my audiologist for several years at Greenleaf Hearing Healthcare. She has been very helpful every visit. My experience with her has been very satisfying. Last year when I needed an update in hearing aids, it was a seamless transition. I love the ones I have and have had no problems with them.
    Dois B.